I am blessed to have a child who has least interest in watching television or playing video games on mobile. He loves to watch me doing house hold chores. This way he has learnt good habits of  cleaning and he also helps me in keeping things to the place where they belong. He also loves seeing birds, animals, rain and rainbow. His favorite cartoon characters are Max & Ruby. This is all he watches on TV.

When I was a child, there was no easy availability of electricity in my area so less television to watch and not to talk of mobile phones. Those were the days when I used to play pakdam-pakdai, ice-water, hide & seek and plenty of other games  with children of neighborhood. All my summer vacations were spent at my grand parents home. They used to keep a good stock of comics like Chacha chaudhari, Champak, Nanhe Samrat etc.  I used to play with my cousins all day long.  The scorching sun of summers does not allow  children to play outside.  So  Chacha chaudhari and Sabu used to be my friends.

The books I read during my childhood left a great impact on me. Moral values imbibed through these books have  taught me a lot and helped me in my life whenever i faced any situation of dilemma. Stories told by my grand parents also played a great role in developing my thinking and decision making abilities.

But  these days I see most of the kids stick to the television and mobile  phones. Spending too much time on gadgets can kill creativity in  children. So it is very important for parents to   encourage their kids to play  games and activities which can  enhance their physical and mental ability. Outdoor games are the most suitable in this regard. Also parents should engage their children in interesting activities which can entice  their thinking process and creativity at large. But it  is a tough task for us to find activities that can develop little brains in right direction. Colgate has taken a step forward to encourage creativity and pampered imagination by introducing   toothpaste pack which comes with magical sea world and some trivia about them inside.

When i opened the pack i saw some pirates, fish and many sea creatures . My son became very enthusiastic on seeing these characters. We together cut the pictures and made a beautiful sea world. There is a mermaid in sea magic theme. According to him the mermaid is his mummy and the shark is taking bath in the sea. He shakes his hands like a crab and sings -“Shake your hands like a crab, shake your hands just like a crab…….. blah…. blah”.

It is my routine to read a bed time story to my son. For a change, I asked him to tell a story. What he told was beyond my expectations from a nearly 3 year old child. Only I can understand what he says, but here I  am sharing his story  in my words.

“There was a boy named Ayaan. He had a helicopter. He gave a ride to his friends Aniket, Satvik, Aisha, Moghil to the children park . They cut a birthday cake there and sang birthday song to Ayaan. They slide on the slide with ‘weeee weee weee’ sound. While coming back home they took  stars and moon from the sky as it would disappear during  day time.”

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