Mornings are the busiest part of the day. It is a link between a relaxed night and a busy day. The story becomes tougher in case of a woman because she not only has to start the day for her children but also for her husband. There are many lives that depend on her partially or completely. I happen to be at that part of life. So for me a good morning is actually the one that doesn’t put me into time frames of work. And this luxury is only possible on weekends because I don’t have to work at the clicks of the clock.

On a usual morning I am busy arranging things for my husband and kid to enable them to meet the expectations of the day. But come the weekend and I am the boss. I don’t have to get up early. I can wake up as and I wish. To start my golden day I try not to start the day at first place. When I am done with my sleep I try to just laze around on the bed to respect the urge of laziness. Every passing hour is bliss. Finally when I get up I expect my husband to make a bed tea and ready to eat snacks. It is a total heaven experience to have morning tea just before noon is about to start. The tea should be supplemented with TV channel surfing for gossip news and songs. Isn’t it a perfect start of the day ? To me this is an ideal morning and I believe all the women would agree to me in chorus.

After bed tea I would feel at ease to think about the options for brunch. The brunch or say the first meal of the day should be something high on fats. I mean something that is spicy and oily to satiate the taste buds.

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