The theme “Drive,Design and Connect” to me clearly summarizes Bangalore city. It is a city of hope, dreams and satisfaction. The city has seen exponential growth in the last two decades and the migration of people from other parts of the country has posed a serious challenge to this beautiful and modern city. The traffic has been a serious problem but that is natural when the growth of the city is taken into account. Also the traffic issue is only limited to some key location otherwise the city has a fast moving traffic.

The city has innumerable assets in terms of design and infrastructure to boast about. It has the highest number of IT parks in the country. No MNC can dare not to have its operation center in Bangalore. Bangalore has almost eight tech parks to make it India s favourite business destination. The weather is another factor that has favoured Bangalore in the eyes of foreign investors. It is the impetus of Indian economy. Every year the best brains of the country find their dream job in Bangalore and make it their second home. The city has a unique mixture of culture, traditions and languages that give the city a truly Cosmopolitan outlook.

The city is also famous for its greenery and eco-system. The botanical garden or the LalBaugh is famous for its flower festival. Its not just software and IT enabled services that Bangalore is famous for. The city also has a rich heritage of government buildings in the forms of Vidhan Soudha, Bangalore University and BMTC infrastructure. It is an educational hub with highly prestigious colleges and universities under the wing.

Bangalore International Airport (BIAL) is one of the finest airports of the country and is spread over an area of 4,700 acres. It is well connected with almost all the airports of India and major cities of the world.

The city has added one more feather to its cap by introducing Metro rail as Namma Metro to ease traffic congestions and give tempo and pace to its slow moving traffic. The BMTC has left no stone unturned to facilitate Bangaloreans with reliable, cheap and comfortable public transport.

Coming to drive part of the theme. Bangalore has both the driving force and drive destinations to top the list. The driving force is the financial satisfaction of the people and loads of weekend getaway destinations to choose from. Right from the nearest Nandhi Hills to ShivaSamundrum waterfalls, Bangalore has it all. Mysore, Shimoga and Chikamaglur. Other favorites among the people are Ooty and Kodaikanal. It is an incredible experience to drive to Mysore or Chennai from Bangalore.

Bangalore’s road network exceeds 3,000 km and consists of ring roads, arterial roads, sub-arterial roads and residential streets. The city road network is mainly radial, converging in the centre. The main roads of Bangalore coming into the city include Bellary Road in the north, Tumkur Road and Mysore Road in the west, Kanakpura Road, Bannerghatta Road and Hosur Road in the south and Airport Road and Old Madras Road in the east. The city is well connected with cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Mysore, Coimbatore and Salem through state hihgways and National Highways.

In short, Bangalore has top notch infrastructure, resources and human power to prove it the best in class city by any standard. The exponential growth of the city in almost all the spheres of life is a raw proof for this claim. It is by far one of the best cities to live in India and hence my choice for the #madeofgreat Zonal War