Real togetherness with kith and kin are something where we can share our deep secrets. Where we can ask for any kind of help or favor without thinking twice. Where opinions matter for each other. Where love and compassion increase with every single bite on dinner table. Where festivals and special occasions become more special because of family and friend’s presence. Where we forget about materialistic world but the presence of our loved ones mean a lot. Togetherness of my loved ones is the most important thing in my life. My life is meaningless if i do not spend real time with my family and friends.

People are more busy with their gadgets than family members these days. Social networking sites keep us updated the virtual friend’s life events but we remain oblivion to people who are the closer to us. Somewhere we are addicted to virtual life and virtual socialization, the value of real life and friends has been declining .The feeling of real togetherness is missing somewhere. Nothing can beat the conversation among friends, family and loved ones over a cup of coffee, just watching a cricket match on television cheering for our team India or singing song together while playing antakshari. Hence the gist is togetherness of people we love gives us strength, motivation and optimism and in turn takes away sorrows, tensions and loneliness from us.

I got the idea of developing real togetherness when i saw the new bottle of Kissan tomato ketch up which had a customized cap bearing good quality tomato seeds. With these seeds i got into an idea of developing a kitchen garden in the backyard of my house. with the help of my neighboring kids i cleaned the earthy space with unwanted vegetation and ploughed the mud to sow the tomato seeds provided with the Kissan tomato sauce. When these seeds germinated into plants my husband also got infected with developing this garden. He went to the nursery and brought further more plants of fruits and flowers. This garden is now our little heaven where we spend time in the mornings and evenings. I showed my garden to my neighing friends who loved the ideas as much as i did. It gave us the realization of connecting with the nature. The vegetables of my kitchen are so special as they are nurtured with immense love and care. Caring of pants together let us to spend more time with each other.

Kissan India has made a very good effort by emphasizing through Kissanpur about the importance of joy of real togetherness. The video clip beautifully defines this idea. Watch the video to get motivated to experience and share the joy of real togetherness connecting with the nature.