Airtel 4G

Our planet Earth has become a web world. People are connected to each other through social networking site, chatting portals, e-mails, video calling etc. We can get anything we want on internet be it online shopping, online movie ticket booking, holiday plans, journey tickets, cab bookings and what not. But what will one do if network does not support desired speed and keep on hanging. I just curse those service providers who eat my money like monsters but don’t give their promised services.

When i heard about Airtel giving 4G speed that too at the cost of 3G. At first, i could not believe because sometimes i do not even get 2G at the cost of 3G. But then i thought of giving it a try. As i am an addicted user of internet, I do a lot of online shopping, movie downloads, surfing. But, railway ticket booking sucks me on my previous mobile network. Video downloading was always an affair of rotating head. I managed to get an Airtel 4G sim for my smart phone. I was so amazed to see the lightening 4G speed on my cell. Now i feel that a smart phone with Airtel 4G becomes a smarter phone.

I got the speed i never imagined before. Now that i have the super fast mobile network i am going to spend more time on my favorite past time ‘browsing’. I will download beauty and cookery videos that will enhance my looks and culinary skills. I will download nursery rhymes and videos for my child. I am feeling so relieved that i would be able to book my railway tickets before they are gone as i have 4G speed now, no one can beat me in speed. I travel a lot so i always need confirmed railway tickets, i will surely get a confirmed railway ticket that too of my preferred seat on my next booking as i have the super fast network.

Presently my husband is abroad and i can’t live without seeing him at least once a day. Video calling is the key. Now my husband does’nt get irritated of video call interruptions. When we had a video call conversation there was no interruption. The conversation was as smooth as butter and there was no loss of video or voice. He asked me about this miracle. I told him about Airtel’s latest launch of 4G speed. H did not believe that India has a 4G network now.

I cant express enough how my life is relaxed with 4G. I do not need to think twice about getting an Airtel 4G sim for my husband once he returns home. He will be so happy and buy me an expensive return gift through online shopping website.