A child utters his very first word “Mumma”. It is perhaps the first meaningful word we all had spoken when we had no language to express. I find a child’s relationship with her mother the most respectable and heavenly. Only a mother can sense her child’s need without a word spoken. God has bestowed that special sense to every mother. Mothers are so divine that keeps her next to god itself. All that I realized after being a mother myself.

I am the only daughter of my parents between an elder and a younger brother, so I am being loved by all. My mother never allowed my brothers to tease me and sometimes I took its advantage too. I am myself a mother now but I am still treated as a little princess at home. My mother is very beautiful inside out. She is very caring and loving. Other than teaching me household chores she also taught me determination and self-dependence so that I can lead a successful and a happy life. She always encourages me during my tough times and makes me even stronger. She is the only reason for everything good in me.

I still remember the mornings of cruel winters, when my mother used to wake up an hour before me to make my breakfast and tea. She always preferred waking me only after she was done with my necessities. she ensured I carried my lunch to office without skipping a single day of the year. This consistency can only be displayed by a mother because one needs infinite love to show that order of punctuality and dedication. And who else can afford this but a mother. Needless to say I cherish every moment of my growing up at home.

At last a small poem dedicated to my Mom….

She is caring
but makes me daring.

She is next to god
keeps me away from odd.

Her presence keeps away all the fear
And my life runs into top gear.

I am not talking about any other
She is my lovely beautiful mother.

I love you to the core
And want to love you even more.