Happiness is something that is desired by every single person on this planet. Some people find happiness in conquering the world on other hand others find happiness in getting a desired job for their living. Some people find happiness in gathering latest gadgets and luxurious items to make their lives convenient and few find immense happiness for a one time meal a day. So in a way we can say happiness is subjective.
After observing people and life I found that happiness lies in progress. Whenever we do progress, it becomes the very reason for our happiness. Progress in a relationship or anything for that matter gives happiness. When we move from school to college to a highly paid job it gives us happiness. When we like someone we become friends then lovers and then gradually spouse and finally the parents of our child and this give happiness. Seeing your child shrills, crawl and then walk gives happiness.

Now I understand that happiness has close relation with progress and ultimately it is the progress that is source of happiness. To me happiness is something I am blessed with since I was born. I always feel that a divine energy gets me into the gardens of happiness. I find happiness everywhere around me. Talking about olden days with friends and family gives me happiness. Getting a successful baked dish out of the oven gives me happiness. When people admire my culinary skills, my home and my fashion sense I feel happy. When my turn comes after standing for a long time in a queue in a grocery store or railway station gives me happiness. For me happiness comes when my son and husband sumptuously eat dishes cooked by me. When my husband helps me in household chores I derive happiness. When my son stands up and starts dancing to the tunes of songs it gives me happiness. Blosoming of flowers in my garden gives me happiness. Walking bare feet on the grass gives me happiness. Being loved by my family and my dear friends gives me happiness. Doing exhaustive shopping gives me excitement and happiness just like any other woman. Eating delicious food is my biggest happiness. Food to me is a complete bliss and delight.

There are a million reasons to celeberate life and rejoice all you need is a thought of happiness.

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