Joy of giving happiness to others is unmatchable and in return fills more happiness in our heart. I always try to keep my loved ones happy And you can not do it unless you are happy inside. Happiness is something that connect us through positive vibes and optimism for life.

When I was working as a Radio Jockey I used to play favorite songs of my listeners. I used to feel happiness in my life. I and my listeners were in touch through phone calls and the profiles on social networking sites. They shared their experiences, problems and dreams. We became friends who were never met in person.

I can not forget Mrs Garg. A lady with a magnetic aura around her , classy style of her speaking made me her fan in our very first conversation. She was of 78 years at that time but I always found her of sweet sixteen. She was so enthusiastic and full of life. She was a radio fan from the early All India Radio days and always wanted to be a part of it. She got married in her teenage so could not pursue her dream. All that she wanted was being heard on radio just for once.

I decided to turn her dream into reality. I went to my executive producer to tell him about my plan of taking her On Air with me in my show. He denied saying it is not relevant to my show. Then I started thinking of making it relevant. I chose a theme where I can choose one of listeners whose dreams are yet to be fulfilled. Then I somehow convinced my executive producer about this whole plan.

When Mrs Garg called me up in my show, I told her to come to my studio as a guest who were going live On Air. She was very happy and asked me if it is true. Next day she was with me in my studio and show was just going to start. She was nervous and excited at the same time. All her nervousness and anxiety flew away in a flick as she spoke her first word on Air. She was on cloud nine after the show. Her husband Mr Garg was waiting outside. She gave him a tight hug and thanked him all the encouragement.

Her big smile on her was so magical. She kissed me on my forehead and blessed me. The magic is still alive in my heart.

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