People spend more time on gadgets than with  family members these days. There are Social networking sites to inform us about the virtual friend’s life events but we remain oblivion to  people who are the nearest to us. Somewhere we are addicted to virtual life and virtual socialization, the value of real life and friends has been declining  .The feeling of togetherness is missing somewhere. Nothing can beat the conversation among friends, family and loved ones over a cup of coffee or just watching a cricket match on television cheering for our team India. Hence the gist is togetherness of people we love  gives strength, motivation and optimism and in turn takes away sorrows, tensions and loneliness from us.

These days families live nuclear so am I. Since I am a wife of a Central Government employee, I have to travel and live a nomadic life with my husband. We miss our families terribly as we  visit them only once or twice a year. It is difficult to get together as most of the family members are living in different cities. Last year I and my  husband planned  leave for going home to Bangalore. Fortunately my father-in-law made it from Jodhpur and my brother- in- law too joined us from Hyderabad. A few days later my sister-in-law with her husband and kids also came to visit us.

The whole family was sitting under a single roof and it happens once in a blue moon. Everybody was happy but my mother-in-law and father-in- law were the  happiest as their children and grand children were all together in front of them. Nothing compares to this feeling. That was the day when we had conversation ranging from our childhood funny stories to our latest comic stories. Laughing at silly moments of life with your family members is a matchless moment in itself. We shared a lot of jokes on self and made fun of each other. I got to know a lot of childhood secrets about my husband from family members. The talks were always complimented with mouth watering snacks and rounds of tea.

Afterwards we had a sumptuous lunch of variety of food that was picked to suit individual s preference and choice. The biriyani was commonly everybody s favourite. We had sheer kurma as dessert. Post lunch my brother-in-law booked tickets for Salman’s Jai Ho ! We enjoyed the movie with our children. Every moment spent was making its worth felt. It was late evening by the time we reached home. Though we all were tired but no body had the mood to retire to bedroom so instead we decided to again join for gossiping and chit chatting. I know we alone cannot add this eternal happiness to our lives. It is only togetherness of people we love that brings such magical moments in life. The happiness was omnipresent as even the children were happy to be in the company of their cousins and relatives. To me this day was the most memorable day of my life and gave me a lot of optimism to face the routine odds of life.

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