We play safe in our lives to stay away from problems. But sometimes life asks us to take a bold step to make a difference. All the revolutions which occurred were the result of boldness. It is impossible to make any big change a good one without taking risk. People who were bold and fearless  have always  created history and became inspiration for the next generation.

My boldest step was to do a full time job along with a regular bachelor degree. I wanted to become a Radio Jockey ever since i heard FM radio for the first time. My efforts got me the opportunity to become an RJ when i was pursuing my second year of college. As it is not easy to manage college and job simultaneously, my parents told me to concentrate only on my studies. But I convinced them by promising that i would not take studies for granted and will give it as much attention as my job.

I was asked to come  with all my original academic  documents to appear for interview.  I was thrilled, excited and nervous all at same time. There was Mr Aadesh Shrivastva who took  my interview of first round. The next level of interview was voice quality test. I was told that if my voice quality sample would be sent to head office Noida and if approved I will be confirmed for the job. The next two days passed in anticipation but  I did not get any reply. But on the third day I got a mail to complete my joining formalities and prepare for training course in Indore.

During my training I got opportunities to interact with Bollywood and television celebrities. It gave me a lot of confidence and developed my personality. After my training I joined back my city as a morning Radio Jockey and started enjoying my job and studies with equal passion. In a few weeks time students started knowing me for my job profile. I felt a kind of admiration in their eyes. I must say my job won me many friends in the college. The faculty too respected me for my bold decision and helped me to meet both the challenges successfully. Owing to my job,  I had access to all the major personalities of the city and they knew me by face.

With in a couple of months I developed major fan following across the city with my listeners ranging from the age of five to people in the mid of fifties. I was liked by people of all ages. I extremely loved it when people came to our Radio Station exclusively to meet me and get my autographs. My parents were also very proud of me. For all the happiness I got I owe it all to the bold step that I took that day. Although it then seemed difficult  but with passing time and added charm of the job, things always remained in my favour. I completed my graduation with first division and went on to become  a successful Radio Jockey.

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