There were several moments which filled me with great joy and optimism.  Be it when I got my dream job, got married to person whom i love or when i became a mother. But the start up of optimism was from my last semester of my college. I  had bought a new scooter and was learning to ride. As we all get thrilled when we start doing something new I too was  excited to ride it . My father used to take me early morning for driving practice.

One day i was riding to my college on my brand new scooter. I was very excited to finally drive on crowded roads. I drove fast and then faster. The speed was 70 kmph. What happens to a learner at this speed is well known ! I was so excited to ride on high speed that i missed to see a hump on the road  and lost balance. I fell off my vehicle and rolled over the road for several feet. People came to help me and called the ambulance. When i opened my eyes i found myself in a hospital. I was severely  injured, both my hands and legs had multiple injuries, stitches and there was a close head injury diagnosed in CT scan.  All this happened during my final examinations of college.

I was too tensed about appearing and passing the examination. Due to injuries, I was even unable to write . My teachers, friends and family supported me during this tough time. My language lecturer, Mr Khan advised me to get a writer and explained me all the formalities to be done. A girl from my junior batch named Anjana offered to help me as a writer for my exams. Everything was set but still  i was not that fit to prepare for exams due to severe pain. Somehow i managed to study to the best of my abilities at that time although not as much as it was required for the examinations.

On the  days of examination my brother dropped me to the college. I was given a different room. Anjana wrote for me as a university assistance on medical grounds. We came out of examination hall. I was not sure of passing. My injuries were healing gradually but my nervousness was increasing as results were to be declared. I knew that i was going to fail this time. I did not want to see my results and I prayed god to save me.

My father went to see my result. I passed my exams with quite good marks. I did not even think of passing it but i did well and scored respectable. That day i was filled with optimism and gratitude towards god and everyone who had lived in my pain and helped me through.

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