Generally we girls get extra sensitive when it comes to our face. We do everything to make it glowing, flawless and radiant.But in teenage hormonal imbalance causes pimples and acne. Sometimes bad eating habits and ignorance of hygiene also invite pimples at any stage of  life.

Into my teens when I stepped into college I never had problem of acne & pimples. Thanks to my genes that i did not have to take much care of it. But that was not the end. Frequent parties at college canteen and outing with friends led to skin problems like dullness and pimples. I was  tensed about it. I just wanted to get rid of those ugly & painful pimples at any cost.

During my struggle with pimples i had faced umpteen unwanted advice. Of all those silly advice i still remember the  one given by Monika Aunty. She ran a beauty parlour in our vicinity and was considered one stop solution for all beauty related problems. She suggested me to under go her special anti pimple facial. I obliged to her suggestion but got no joy in return. Her facial made the situation even worse. One day she came up with a ” desi totka “. She urged me to apply Haldi & Chandan to cow every Thursday for a month. I just smiled to her and nodded my head in agreement. But it was so frustrating to even think of it, forget actually doing it.

So i switched over to aka home remedies. But that too was not my cup of tea as it was time consuming and tedious. All i wanted was an easy solution. Garnier Gentle face wash came as an ultimate solution to my problems. It reduced the appearance of further pimples and improved my condition. With some control over my diet and life style I regained my flawless skin back.

Pimples are painful part of life. They kill your confidence. For some it even goes to the extent of psychological health. many withdrew themselves from social circles feeling conscious of their deteriorated looks and appearance. They become lonely and secluded. It enters our life when we are most concerned about our looks be it to impress a job hiring campus selection or impressing ones lady luck.

The trustworthy Garnier skin care has come up with a revolutionary product named Garnier Pure active Neem aimed at controlling Acne and Pimples.

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