What enhances your beauty? If someone asks me this question, my answer would undoubtedly be “the hair”. A girl can carry various looks with doing little experiments with her hair. Every woman has a desire for long and thick hair. But what when split ends occur?  I too was suffering from the same. Everybody advised to trim the split ends. Oh Fish! “But what if one wants to increase the length of hair’’. I always wondered if there was any other way to get rid of split ends.

 But in absence of any other alternative I settled for trimming my hair. I planned to go to beauty parlor and asked my husband if he could do babysitting for a while, to which he happily obliged. I picked my keys up, started my scooty and reached the parlor. I asked that parlor lady to trim my hair. As I had never been here before so I clearly instructed her not to cut much length of hair. She nodded her head in yes and said –‘don’t worry ma’am I have been in this profession for 12 years, it is my passion n blah blah……’ As I was listening to her, I suddenly saw the floor full of my hair, my long hair. I was shocked, frozen. That parlor lady cut my hair with an idiot machine; I don’t know what it was? But all I knew was I had lost my long hair. I was damn frustrated and broken at the same time. My years of dedication and look after had been slaughtered in a flash. Without a second thought I asked for a glass of water to control my emotions for the irreparable loss. But she showed no mercy, no apology and instead asked me to come with an ambulance the next time. I could not believe what she said.

With a broken heart I came back home. My husband was shocked to see my short hair. He made fun of the whole situation to ease my pain and agony. But nothing could hold the flow of my tears. I avoided mirrors for days to erase the whole thing from my memory. But my longingness and love for long hair still haunt me and question me why I chose to trim my split ends. Would nt there be any other way to handle this torture of split ends?  Days rolled and I never dared to trim my hair. I somehow learnt to live with split ends.

  And then one fine day God heard my deep cries, I was watching Television and saw an advertisement of TRESSEME split remedy. Now TRESSEME is a big name and it comes with a mammoth reputation and goodwill. I thought of giving it a try. The regime claimed to reduce split ends by 96% after three washes. What I saw after few washes was a complete miracle. My split ends reduced considerably and hair became glossy and smooth. I once again started dreaming for long hairs. So TRESSEME has not only controlled  split ends but given me faith and hope for long and beautiful hair.