My classmates always envied my hair. My hair were the hot talk of my  college, my friends used to ask me the secret of beautiful hair. I used to tell them a lot of dadi nani ke gharelu nuskhe. Thanks to god and my genes for blessing me with the ideal hair texture. My thick, long, silky, shiny, blackish brown and wavy hair made many girls feel envy. And I am so lazy to take care of them, I hardly oil my hair. All I do is, shampoo thrice a week and that’s it.

 I was so happy with my hair until I shifted to a coastal city of Gujarat. Gradually I started to feel roughness, dryness in my hair and silk and shine became a history. I was so worried about my hair, tried those dadi nani ke gharelu nuskhe which I used to tell my college friends. But nothing worked on it. And then, heard about the new SUNSILK NATURAL RECHARGE shampoo.

I asked my husband to get me one. And in the very evening my dear husband came home with my demand the Sunsilk natural recharge. I started using it. In a few weeks’ time I felt the same shine, gloss in my hair. I am using it since March’14. I am so very happy that I got my lovely texture of hair back, all thanks to Sunsilk natural recharge. It has all the natural properties in it which rejuvenate our hair naturally and give a life to it.