“Its been a month and you are already a star RJ of our 94.3 FM. I have been receiving plenty of requests from listeners on our Facebook page to organise a Public Appearance of you.”, said my Programming Head Radio Station 94.3 FM.

I stood excited and elated to his appreciative gesture. Its been just a month since I took over the charge of morning Radio Jockey at 94.3 FM. The show is called Salaam Gwalior and I host it as a morning Jock.
This coveted opportunity came after a lot of struggle and patience. And now when i am at the very beginning of realising my dreams , I get this as a heart warming surprise from my listeners. People want to connect with the voice they listen to everyday with rapt attention and fondness. They want to see their RJ and that s me.

I was told by my team that the show had lost its charm and that is the very reason the top notch decided to bring in a fresh RJ to boost the charm of this show. The umpteen expectation from me gave me  another reason to out perform beyond my capabilities. I did hard research to design my show for every morning. Picking up exclusive content with relevance and quality took time that was beyond my working hours. But I did it because i was new to this profession had infinite things to learn and master. Also the deminishing popularity of Salaam Gwalior worried me because this show was my life line; The very reason I was employed here.

Three weeks down the line the RRP started showing up my hard work and intensive research in connecting with the pulse of the city. The city was now aware of my presence and my show was regularly followed. Facebook Page of 94.3 FM was an evidence that the show was turning heads and ears. It had followers from all walk of life and age groups.

The morning show became an instant hit. The Head office at Noida was having an eye on my performance and on the success of the show. With infinite requests pouring in for a Public Appearance of RJ Soniyo of Salaam Gwalior the management decided to oblige. I got a formal intimation that I will be launched as a Face of 94.3 FM on a public event to promote and popularise the show. I would have to interact with the crowd on a Live Show so that the city can see the RJ they listen to so lovingly everyday.
But I was little shocked to know that the event was planned the very next day ( Sunday). With this short notice and my hair lying in a mess i was terrified how I would face the crowd with confidence. Also the event involves travelling around different locations of the city and outdoor activities. With winter cold waves, dust and crowd I was worried about sporting that perfect hair do.

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