During my college days i usually used to bunk my physics classes because of our harsh and strict Physics lecturer Dr. Khare. He had a scary and stinky personality with unshaved look. And I hate that unclean stubble. Me & my classmates always wondered if he has ever taken a bath in his whole life. We always wanted to get rid of him. We prayed to god to spare us from him. Soon our prayers were answered by god. Yuhoo…. he was transferred to a different place.

       After a week s time we got a notification that our new lecturer has been appointed and joining from next day. All the girls were impressed by handsome looks of a guy who entered the classroom. He was none other than our new lecturer. His clean shaven look bowled me over. In my 45 mins class all i could hear was just his name M.M.Khan M.M.Khan M.M.Khan. Hundreds of violins & pianos were playing on my mind with tumhe jo maine dekha song from SRKs movie Main hoon na.

      He had such an impressive personality that the whole class drooled over him on the very outset. He was like monsoon on desert in our girls college. We named him as Mr. Handsome Khan. After that i never bunked my physics classes till my degree ended. I shall never forget those physics derivation taught by him. I still remember how me and my classmates used to wait to attend his classes. I love those college days. Thank you BlogAdda. Because of you guys i relived those golden days of my life.

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.