After struggling for days finally came a day on 20 Aug 13 when we could manage a ticket to board Chennai Express. Though i had decent expectation from this movie but the movie was more than the buffet we ordered. It was hilarious with beautiful comedy timings. SRK just took this movie to another level of Masala and Masti. Deepika was stunningly beautiful. The train journey, the doodh sagar shot, blasting of cars, Tamil dialogues, SRK s over acting and Deepika s hidden sentiments, all made a great sense and sense of feel happy. 

The best part of the movie was the soulful song Banke Titli Dil Udaa… It was a song of dream. With melody dips and serenity. And last but also the last scene of the movie where SRK speaks Hindi, English and Tamil to convince Deepika s dad that he has proved himself to be a bad father. All i know of Chennai Express is that when u step out of the theatre, you ll surely come out with a smile and wow expression. 

Go watch this one if you have nt still !