Vegetable Biriyani

My obsession with Biriyani

My true affair with Biriyani started when my husband introduced it to me after marriage. Coming from south Indian roots and Muslim background gave him a born legacy to this coveted recipe. My first association with it left me completely wanting for more. All i remember is that the Biriyani that was made to serve four healthy people could only feed me and my husband.

Biriyani is special because it is an amalgamation of various cooking styles in one. It has shallow frying for onions, spices and garlic. The  spices faithfully dropping its aroma on the steaming rice. And when mint and coriander are added to this delicacy, all you end up with is eating more than your appetite and desire.

It is one thing I can eat anytime and every time. although I also love his Indian style maggie but all i love him for more is one word BIRIYANI.

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